Kouvelis dismisses premiership scenario

Democratic Left head Fotis Kouvelis dismissed any speculation of becoming prime minister in a possible coalition government following the May 6 general elections.

Speaking on Real radio on Wednesday, Kouvelis said that scenarios of this kind were completely unfounded. He also reiterated that his party would not take part in a government based on no prior policy agreements and which would not include the participation of second-placed SYRIZA, Coalition of the Radical Left.

A day earlier, following a meeting with SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, Kouvelis had said that he would support an anti-memorandum leftist coalition government led by the Coalition of the Rafical Left.

Fellow veteran leftist Nikos Konstantopoulos also denied rumors of his own possible appointment as premier in a new government. Speaking on Real radio on Wednesday, Konstantopoulos said that the rumors were untrue and stressed the need for seriousness at this point in time.