Plan to bring some order to Athens parking mess

Pay-and-display parking is to return to central Athens later this month after a five-month break during which authorities tried to clarify how many spaces were available to residents and visitors.

The City of Athens said on Wednesday that the parking restrictions would apply from May 16, although drivers would be given a week to adjust to the new allocation of spaces. Some 5,400 spaces will be set aside for permanent residents, while 3,500 will be available for visitors to the city center. Another 1,200 spaces will be for professional use, such as trucks delivering goods to stores. Motorcycle riders will have 1,600 spots in which to park their bikes.

The municipality is anticipating revenues of 40,000 to 60,000 euros per week from the sale of parking permits and pay-and-display tickets. This does not include revenues from fines.

The pay-and-display parking bays are in Kolonaki, Monastiraki, Ilisia, Koukaki and around the Varvakeio Market on Athinas Street.