Skai TV presenter beaten up in Exarchia

Skai TV and radio presenter Konstantinos Bogdanos was attacked in the Athens neighbourhood of Exarchia on Wednesday night.

Bogdanos was attacked by three men while walking back to his car at about 1 a.m.

?They were waiting for me. As I attempted to get into my car, they attacked me and dragged me away. They had me on the ground and were beating me,? the journalist told Skai TV on Thursday morning.

?I can say with absolutely certainly that they knew I was a journalist. As they were kicking me, they made reference to ?Skai? and to the [EU-IMF] memorandum,? added Bogdanos, who said he could not say if the attack has a personal motive.

The journalist?s phone was stolen during the attack. He said he could not see his attackers faces but thinks that one of them might have been wearing a crash helmet.

The presenter was taken to KAT Hospital, where he was treated for head injuries before being released early on Thursday. Bogdanaos’s hand was fractured during the attack.