Tsipras rejects ‘illogical’ role for SYRIZA in unity gov’t

Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras has challenged New Democracy and PASOK to form a government but has insisted he would not be ?complicit in their crimes?.

Tsipras appeared to close the door on any lingering hope that SYRIZA could take part in a unity government following talks with the other party leaders and President Karolos Papoulias on Sunday.

?They are not just asking SYRIZA to agree, they are asking it to be complicit in crimes and we will not do that,? he said.

Tsipras said he had asked Papoulias to publish the minutes of the meeting so ?citizens can draw their own conclusions.?

He accused PASOK and New Democracy of ignoring the outcome of Sunday?s elections, which dealt their parties huge losses and elevated SYRIZA to second place.

?The parties that governed us not only have failed to heed the message from the elections, they are also blackmailing us,? he said. ?New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic Left have 168 seats in Parliament. They can progress if they want. Their demands for SYRIZA to take part are unprecedented and illogical.?

He said the party would remain committed to its pre-election pledge to reject the terms of Greece?s bailout.