Party leaders to meet and pave way for caretaker government

Greece?s party leaders are due to meet at 1 p.m. to agree on the formation of a caretaker government to see the country through to new elections next month.

If the party leaders fail to agree on a common candidate to take over as caretaker prime minister, President Karolos Papoulias will appoint one.

The constitution decrees this should be the head of one of Greece?s three highest courts. The favorite to be given the job is Council of State president Panayiotis Pikramenos. He will then agree on a new cabinet with the help of Papoulias.

The MPs elected on May 6 will be sworn in tomorrow but Parliament will be dissolved on Monday or Tuesday so elections can be held, most probably on June 17.

It is not clear yet if these elections will be conducted based on new population data gathered during last year’s census. If the new population figures are not used, constitutional experts say that could open the way for candidates to submit appeals after the elections.