Caretaker cabinet takes over until new elections

Greece?s caretaker cabinet, which will oversee the running of the country until new elections are held on June 17, was sworn in on Thursday morning.

The names of the new cabinet, which is led by Panayiotis Pikrammenos, the former president of the Council of State, were announced at 1.30 a.m.

The government, which, at the request of the political parties will only have an administrative role, is mostly made up of university professors, former ministers and diplomats.

Economist and university professor Giorgos Zannias was given the hot seat at the Finance Ministry. He had previously served as an economic adviser to the government.

Former foreign minister Petros Molyviatis is returning to the role he held with the New Democracy government elected in 2004.

The head of the Foundation for Economic and Industrial Research (IOBE), Yiannis Stournaras, joins the government as Development Minister. The think-tank chief had been linked with the post of finance minister in the past.

Another economist, Napoleon Maraveyias, was appointed Agricultural Development Minister.

The MPs elected in the May 6 elections will also be sworn in on Thursday but Parliament is likely to be dissolved at the beginning of next week so elections can be held on June 17.

The new Greek cabinet:

Prime Minister: Panayiotis Pikrammenos

Administrative Reform and Electronic Governance: Pavlos Apostolidis

Interior Minister: Antonis Maniatakis

Finance Minister: Giorgios Zannias

Foreign Minister: Petros Molyviatis

Defense Minister: Fragos Fragoulis

Development Minister: Yiannis Stournaras

Environment Minister: Grigoris Tsaltas

Education Minister: Angeliki-Efrosini Kiaou