Tsipras blasts ‘pro-memorandum powers’

Greek people will put an end to a political system of vested interests and corruption on June 17 said Alexis Tsipras, leader of radical left coalition, SYRIZA, on Thursday.

Addressing the left coalition?s elected MPs in Parliament, Tsipras accused New Democracy and PASOK of inventing unfounded dangers and generating negative speculation regarding the Greek economy?s collapse.

Tsipras argued that the existing political system had been taken by surprise following the recent May 6 elections and was now fighting back.

He also slammed New Democracy?s Antonis Samaras for his efforts to develop a pro-memorandum front with liberal Democratic Alliance and right-winng Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) and accused the ND leader of having no economic proposals besides the full implementation of the memorandums.

?The eurozone is not in danger because of Greek resistance, but because of the bankrupt policies of the memorandum, of yesterday?s political system,? he said.

Tsipras accused PASOK and New Democracy of planning to privatize the entire public sector and complete their ?disastrous work,? arguing that the left was the only power capable of putting an end to this.

?No matter what Mr Barroso says, no matter how many letters Mr Papademos sends, hope is stronger than fear,? said Tsipras.