Three Afghans suspected of killing local near Patra port

Police in Patra have arrested one Afghan man and are seeking two others on suspicion of murdering a 30-year-old local, police said.

The victim was found with serious stab wounds near his house in the Ities area of the western city on Saturday night.

He had been stabbed six times in the chest and stomach and died a few hours after being taken to the hospital.

Police said that three Afghans had been seen arguing with the man earlier after his dog apparently attacked one of them.

The three suspects had been arrested a month earlier for entering the country illegally.

Residents of the area were due to stage a protest last night.

The Ities neighborhood is near the new port at Patra, where undocumented immigrants regularly attempt to board passenger ferries undetected, and next to a disused factory used by migrants as makeshift accommodation.