Four out of 10 Greeks will not go on holiday

Four out of every 10 Greeks will not take summer holidays this year, mainly to save money, while most of those who do go away will stay in their own homes or with friends, according to a survey made public yesterday by two large consumer groups. The General Consumers’ Federation and the Consumer Institute (INKA) said only 29 percent of the people who plan to go on holiday will stay in hotels or rented rooms. Some 43 percent will use their own second homes while 28 percent will visit friends or relatives. Out of the 40 percent that will stay at home, 72 percent said their decision was taken on financial grounds, while 18 percent cited work problems. Of those going on holiday, the survey found that 35 percent of families plan to take 10 days off, 29 percent 15 days, 23 percent one week, 8 percent 20 days and 5 percent one month.