Greece population down by nearly 3 pct since 2001

Greece?s legal population stands at 9,903,268 according to the results of last year?s census, made public by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).

The results from the census, carried out last May, indicates that the number of legal residents in Greece has dropped by 2.97 percent since the last census in 2001, when the equivalent population was 10,206,539.

The 2011 census was carried out according to European Union standards that focus on the size of permanent population. Previous censuses in Greece recorded the de facto population which consists of all persons who are physically present in the country at the reference date, whether or not they are native and/or legal residents. The total population recorded in 2001 was 10,964,020.

Unsurprisingly, the 2011 figures show that most Greek citizens live in and around Athens. According to ELSTAT, there is a total of 2,872,928 legal permanent residents living in Attica, compared to 878,194 in Thessaloniki.