Court clerk found suspiciously rich by civil service inspectors

A court clerk who was found to have 7.9 million euros in her bank account, as well as several properties and a private company in her name yesterday was suspended after 31 years of service after a disciplinary council found her conduct ?unbefitting? to her role.

The clerk is one of a list of 13 civil servants believed to have been concealing a total of 25 million euros from the authorities. The list was made public several months ago following an investigation by public administration inspectors. After further investigation, and the granting of access to the bank and tax details of the Athens Court of First Instance employee, a disciplinary committee decided to permanently suspend her from service. The probe revealed that the woman and her husband also owned several properties and a private company.

According to sources, the woman told the disciplinary council that she had not declared her assets as there had been no transfer of properties or change in status.