Schroeder reiterates calls for ‘Greece-bashing’ to stop

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder has repeated calls for politicians in Germany to stop making negative comments about Greece.

Schroeder accused FDP leader Phillip Roesler and other of trying to make political gains in Germany by victimizing Greece.

?This is totally wrong, I hope Chancellor [Angela] Merkel will make it clear that this is not acceptable,? he said in an interview Germany?s ARD TV on Thursday.

?This stance is putting at risk Europe?s future and the Greeks do not deserve this treatment,? he added.

On Wednesday, Schroeder urged Berlin to show more solidarity with Greece during an interview with the Greece?s state TV, NET.

“Germany has proven its solidarity» with Greece, «but I was hoping for more,» Schroeder said in comments from the southeastern Greek island of Kos, where he said he was on holiday to show support for Greeks.

“If Greece moves forward with its reforms, it must be given more time,» the former German leader added.

Schroeder said the negative comments about Greece were «not conducive to the European idea and will not help the euro,» he said. «Above all, I hope that what I call Greece-bashing stops.”

Ex-Prime Minister George Papandreou reportedly called Schroeder to thank him for his comments.