Free jabs for uninsured kids

The Athens Medical Association (ISA), the Church of Greece?s Apostoli charity and various municipalities have agreed to work together to provide the children of uninsured, unemployed or immigrant families with free vaccines, it was revealed Monday.

ISA said that 80 percent of the children that go to its ?social surgeries,? where patients are treated free of charge, have never been inoculated. This leaves them at risk of dangerous illnesses, as well as allowing diseases such as diphtheria to make a comeback.

?Thousands of parents who have lost their health insurance do not have the money to buy the basic jabs that are needed, which means these children are exposed to infectious diseases,? said ISA head and Mayor of Maroussi Giorgos Patoulis.

Parents can call for more information. They will be asked to visit an ISA surgery to provide their child?s details before the program can begin.