Myconos attack ?was not racist?

Police on the island of Myconos on Wednesday refuted suggestions that a recent assault against a group of Pakistani men was racially motivated.

A high-ranking police officer who declined to be named, said, ?There are no such groups on the island,? in reference to suggestions the attack may have been orchestrated by ultranationalists suspected of being behind dozens of similar assaults around the country.

According to reports, the eight Pakistani men were sleeping in a shack in the seaside village of Psarou when they were attacked in the early hours of Tuesday by a group of men wielding sticks.

Meanwhile, a candidate for neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn in the May 6 elections has suggested setting up ?security brigades? in the southwest Peloponnese. The ex-police officer issued through local media an invitation for ?men aged 15 to 70 to be alert and join forces? in Oichalia, a village with a large Roma population.