Hooligans burn dog: Its fur had rival colors

Animal welfare organizations in Thessaloniki are planning to file suit against unidentified youths who allegedly set fire to a dog, causing it serious injuries, because its black-and-white fur reminded them of the colors of a rival football team, reports from the northern city said. A witness in the suburb of Langadas told the Argos animal welfare agency that Aris soccer team fans tied up the husky and set fire to it because its fur was the black and white of the PAOK soccer team, the Athens News Agency reported. The attack took place on Saturday night, after PAOK beat Aris 1-0 in the Greek Cup final. Aris fans set fire to parts of PAOK’s stadium and rioted outside. The dog was rescued by bystanders. It is being treated by a vet and might regain sight in a badly damaged eye, Maria Simitopoulou, a representative of Argos, told Athens’s Mega Channel television.