Top Merkel MP says Greek deal can’t be renegotiated

The parliamentary leader of Angela Merkel’s ruling conservatives said on Friday, hours ahead of the chancellor’s meeting with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, that neither the time nor the content of Greece’s rescue package can be renegotiated.

Striking a tough tone ahead of the meeting, when Samaras is expected to ask Merkel for more time for Greece to meet its economic reform targets, Kauder also said the euro could survive a Greek exit from the currency zone.

“It has never been more true than in this situation that time means money, and we cannot make more money available,» he said. «My position is that neither the time or the content can be renegotiated. Greece must meet its commitments first.”

Asked if the euro could survive a so-called «Grexit» (Greek exit), Kauder replied: «It would be no problem for the euro.”