Drugs caused family tragedy

A man shot his son dead during a heated argument over the young man’s drug addiction late on Tuesday and then committed suicide, police said yesterday. Antonis Roupas, 57, killed himself with the same shotgun he had used on his 23-year-old son, Vassilis, in front of his wife and their elder son in their flat in the eastern Attica town of Rafina. According to police, the two had engaged in an intense quarrel over Vassilis Roupas’s decision to leave his parents’ home and move in with his girlfriend, who is also a drug addict and whom Antonis Roupas held responsible for his son’s drug habit. When the young man insisted, his father shot him and then, horrified at his act, placed the gun under his chin and pulled the trigger. Last Wednesday, a 47-year-old Thessaloniki addict who had been arrested, along with his 21-year-old son, for drug possession apparently hung himself while in police detention out of remorse at not having prevented the youth from developing an addiction to drugs.