FM wants to ‘explain’ EU to US

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Foreign Minister George Papandreou has suggested involving US Congress members in a dialogue on the reform of European Union institutions, a Belgian paper said yesterday. «I think it would not be a bad idea to set up a separate forum of the European Parliament or national parliaments and national figures consulting with members of the (US) Congress on the changes to the European institutions and what is happening in defense and foreign policy,» Papandreou told De Standaard newspaper. «The current (US) government is being suspected of not really wanting a strong EU. To convince the Americans, we have to dare to take up more responsibility, for example, in terms of defense,» Papandreou told De Standaard. «I am not certain that the members of the Congress would oppose a stronger Europe if we explain everything to them well and place the reforms in the European Union within the framework of the larger challenges in the world,» he added.