Olympic security planning

Police operational planning for the 2004 Athens Olympics will be complete next month, the head of the force said yesterday during an interview on the state Net television channel. «Strategic and tactical planning is already finished, and operational planning will be complete in June,» Lieutenant General Fotis Nasiakos said. He added that international terrorism remains a constant threat to all countries. «We cannot afford to be complacent,» he said. «What we need is preparedness and international cooperation… The bells of New York, Moscow and Bali toll for us all.» Meanwhile the secret services of the USA, Israel and other countries have reportedly warned Greek authorities about the risk of Arab terrorist sleepers who have been sent to Greece ahead of the Games to prepare for an attack on Olympic venues or foreign athletes, according to yesterday’s Sunday Vima newspaper. The report added that the Public Order Ministry proposes to draw up a list of Arab potential terrorism suspects living in Greece.