US wary of EU summit protesters

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States fears that anti-globalization demonstrations planned for next month’s EU summit in Greece may spark attacks on US-affiliated businesses in the country, according to a State Department analysis seen yesterday. The department, noting that demonstrations at past EU summits have turned violent and that foes of globalization have often targeted US companies in Greece, said there was a «distinct possibility» that they would be vandalized during the June 20-22 meeting at the Porto Carras hotel complex in Halkidiki, east of Thessaloniki. It said Greek police have not always provided an adequate enough presence to deter such violence. «Considering the possibility that the groups involved in the EU summit protests have a propensity to become violent, and that Greek police tend to provide moderate to poor coverage of these events, the distinct possibility does exist that US businesses might suffer damage during the demonstrations,» it said. The document was prepared for distribution to US corporate leaders whose companies operate overseas.