More suspects under scrutiny in Lavrentiadis bank loan case

Costas Ballis, one of the suspects in the Proton Bank embezzlement case, has been released after testifying before an Athens prosecutor.

Authorities are investigating his role in the issuance of two loans – one worth 20 million euros and the other 70 million – that were allegedly granted by the bank to prop up the struggling businesses of Lavrentis Lavrentiadis, a high-profile oligarch currently under arrest on suspicion of embezzlement.

Ballis, one of Lavrentiadis’s business partners, has reportedly denied all charges. During his testimony, the businessman, one of 30 suspects being investigated by the Greek authorities, is said to have identified the person who signed off on the two loans.

He also named another two people as being implicated in the case.

Their names have not been made public.