Eleni Papaconstantinou resigns from privatization fund

Eleni Papaconstantinou-Sikiaridis, the first cousin of former Finance Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou whose name was one of three of the latter’s relatives that were removed from the so-called Lagarde list of Greek depositors with Swiss bank accounts, on Wednesday submitted her resignation from the state privatization fund (TAIPED).

An established lawyer, Mrs Papaconstantinou-Sikiaridis notes in her resignation letter that the money held at HSBC in Geneva is “the legal wealth of myself and my husband.” Her spouse, Symeon Sikiaridis, was the second of three names deleted from the original Lagarde list. The third is Andreas Rossonis, the husband of another cousin of the ex minister, Marina Papaconstantinou.

In her letter, Papaconstantinou-Sikiaridis said she was tendering her resignation from TAIPED to so as not to impede the fund’s operations.