Riot police arrest dozens at central Athens squat [Update]

A group of about 50 protesters who had gathered at the entrance of the Ministry of Development on Syntagma Square on Wednesday protesting againt riot police operations at a central Athens squat earlier in the day, eventually withdrew from the rally. No arrests were made.

Meanwhile, 101 people were arrested by riot police units on Wednesday morning after a group of police officers guarding the squat, known as Villa Amalia, came under attack.

The building, situated on Acharnon Street, has been condemned and occupied by squatters for more than 20 years. Its ownership is a matter of dispute between the City of Athens and the School Buildings Organization.

Also on Wednesday morning, a group of protesters raided the headquarters of the Democratic Left party located on nearby Aghiou Constantinou Street, acting in solidarity with the Villa Amalia squatters. They were removed by riot police units later in the day.