Judges appeal to Council of State against cuts to their wages

Greece’s judges have filed an appeal with the country’s highest administrative court, the Council of State, against reductions to their wages.

The latest set of austerity measures included salary cuts for judges, effective from August 2012 but the justices claim that the retroactive reductions are illegal.

Judges have been protesting since late last year against the wage cuts.

It is now estimated that as a result of the judicial officials’ go-slow protest the Council of State, Greece’s highest administrative court, has 40,000 cases outstanding. Another 50,000 cases are waiting to be heard at lesser administrative courts.

The Athens First Instance Court has yet to rule on more than 10,000 cases. At its Piraeus counterpart, more than 4,500 cases are still to be heard.

The ADEDY civil servants’ union has also appealed to the Council of State against some reforms regarding the public sector, which include a labor reserve scheme for bureaucrats.