SYRIZA leader informs Greek president of Berlin talks

Karolos Papoulias met with SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras at the Presidential Mansion on Wednesday morning, as the latter informed the Greek president of talks he held with German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble in Berlin earlier in the week. Also on the agenda was Tsipras’s recent visit to crisis-hit countries in Latin America.

Referring to a recent wave of violent attacks in Athens, Papoulias noted that it was the duty of all Greeks to safeguard democracy, while Tsipras argued that the strategy of tension was a dangerous one.

Tsipras told Papoulias that Greece had not taken advantage of certain negotiating powers opposite Germany and that German public opinion sentiment was changing toward Greece.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, the SYRIZA chief noted he had voiced the need to “broaden the negotiating agenda with Germany” and had spoken to the Greek president of his discontent regarding the government’s choice to undermine Parliament, as well as his deep concern with regard to the escalation of violence through terrorist acts.