Parliament to begin investigating Papaconstantinou over HSBC list next week

After lawmakers voted early Friday to investigate former Finance Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou over his handling of the Lagarde list of Greeks with deposits in a Swiss bank, the probe is set to enter its next stage next week.

Political parties are on Monday expected to appoint a 15-member committee that will probe the affair and decide whether there is enough evidence to suggest that criminal offenses have been committed.

The panel, which sources said will be headed by conservative politician Christos Markoyiannakis, will consist of another four politicians from New Democracy, three from SYRIZA, two from PASOK, and one from each of the other parties. It is expected to begin work on Tuesday.

The committee has until February 25 to deliver its findings to Parliament, which will then have to vote again to decide whether Papaconstantinou should have his immunity from prosecution lifted.

Meanwhile, financial prosecutors Grigoris Peponis and Spyros Mouzakitis are continuing their own investigation into the case.

On Monday, they are expected to probe Galateia Mane, an aide to the former head of the Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE), Yiannis Diotis, who has also been questioned in connection to the case.

In his deposition, Diotis, who received the list from Papaconstantinou, said that he asked Mane to make a copy of the USB stick containing the list and then to erase one of the two.

More witnesses are set to be questioned, including a Papaconstantinou aide tasked with advising him on IT issues.