New site found for Keratea waste processing center

An amendment is to be submitted to Parliament in the next few days confirming the Environment Ministry’s decision to change the location of a waste processing unit in Keratea, southeast of Athens, where residents and police fought running battles for several months in 2010 and 2011.

The unit was due to be located in Vragoni, an area near the village, but locals argued archaeological ruins were there and they prevented any work being carried out.

Authorities finally backed down and the unit will now be located in the area of Fovoles.

The Lavreotiki Municipality is still pressing the government to limit the amount of refuse the center will process annually from 127,000 tons to 80,000 tons.

Lavreotiki Mayor Constantinos Levantis told Kathimerini that the unit will be built on a site covering 5.7 hectares.

Eight bids have already been submitted for the tender to build the waste processing center.