Robbers kill woman in car chase near Corinth

A 25-year old Greek woman was killed on Friday night at the exchange of gunshots between police and a number of armed men near the Corinth canal, following a taverna robbery on the old national road of Athens to Thiva and a car chase into the Peloponnese.

Authorities are searching northern Peloponnese on Saturday for the suspects who staged an armed robbery at 9 p.m. the night before at a taverna near the village of Paleokoundoura. The men left with cash and the owner’s car.

They were later located by police on the Athens-to-Corinth national road, near Kinetta, where a car chase started.

The men opened fire at a police car through their army rifles, resulting in the fatal injury of a 25-year-old woman at Isthmia, near Corinth in northern Peloponnese. The woman was a passenger in another car that was passing by on its way to Epidavros.

The robbers remain at large and police is combing the area conducting a large operation that involves special forces and a helicopter.