Two new Athens metro stations to open Saturday

Two new stations, Anthoupoli and Peristeri, on Line 2 of the Athens metro are due to open to commuters on Saturday.

The Anthoupoli-Syntagma journey is expected to take 13 minutes.

It is estimated 50,000 commuters will use the new stations each day.

Haidari metro station is expected to be completed by September.

As a result of the opening of Anthoupoli and Peristeri metro stations, there will be changes to bus routes.

The 75 and 731 routes will be covered just by the 731 bus, which will run between Anthoupoli and Haidari Forest.

The route of the 748 bus, which runs between Chrysoupoli and Aghios Antonios, will also change.

More information is available at or by calling 185.