Rubbish thrower killed in fight with neighbor

A man was charged yesterday with murdering his neighbor in a Kalamaki apartment block after a fight over the latter’s penchant for throwing his rubbish bags from the first floor onto the street. Over the past few weeks, Constantinos Rolas, 36, who lived on the first floor of the building on 7 Kilkis Street, had frequent arguments with Albanian national Naim Osmani who lived underneath him and objected to his rubbish disposal system. After a particularly heated exchange on Sunday, Rolas and his visiting friend Angelos Nissiotis, 32, went downstairs, broke down Osmani’s door and attacked him and his friend, Edmond Vassili. During the ensuing fight, Osmani stabbed Rolas in the thigh with a knife, severing the aortal artery and causing his death from loss of blood.