Greek ex-minister bailed after being questioned about wife’s assets

Former PASOK minister Yiannos Papantoniou and his wife Stavroula Kourakou were released on bail on Wednesday after defending themselves before a magistrate on charges of failing to declare their assets in their annual derivation of wealth (“pothen esches”) forms.

The Socialist politician posted 50,000 euros in bail and Kourakou 20,000 euros to secure their release.

Papantoniou is accused of not notifying tax authorities in 2008 about a 2.2-million-dollar bank account belonging to his wife.

He and two conservative former ministers – Petros Doukas and Giorgos Voulgarakis – were charged last month for failing to fully declare their assets on pothen esches forms.

Doukas and Voulgarakis are to be called to defend themselves on similar charges over the coming days.