Suspects in Manolada shootings to face prosecutor on Monday

Three farm foremen arrested Friday on charges of opening fire on a large group of Bangladeshi strawberry pickers in Nea Manolada in Ilia in the Peloponnese on April 17 are expected to face a prosecutor in Amaliada on Monday.

The farm supervisors, aged 21, 27 and 39, are facing a series of charges including attempted murder.

A lawyer for the 39-year-old said that his client had denied any involvement in the attack, while a lawyer representing the other two suspects noted that his clients did not wish to kill or injure any of the workers during the incident and that they were not responsible for the victims’ poor living conditions.

The strawberry farmer is also expected to face a prosecutor on Monday.

The incident, which left 28 migrants injured, occurred after a group of about 200 Bangladeshi workers demanded six months’ worth of unpaid wages.