Tsipras asks parliament to set up committee to investigate World War II reparations

SYRIZA chief Alexis Tsipras asked parliament on Wednesday to set up a committee whose task would be to investigate whether Greece should pursue Germany with regard to the issue of World War II reparations.

The main opposition leader argued that the sole party that should be exempt from the committee is extreme right Golden Dawn.

Tsipras also praised the investigation carried out by the General Accounting Office which is in the process of collecting documents regarding the issue but noted that the procedure should now take on a political dimension and not rest solely in the hands of public servants.

A recent report published in daily To Vima suggested that Greece’s claim amounted to as much as 162 billion euros, including interest. The report said this sum related to reparations for infrastructure and personal damage as well as the repayment of a loan the country was forced to provide to the Nazis.