Schoolteachers and other public sector workers organize Sunday protests

Greek schoolteachers are planning a protest rally in central Athens on Sunday at 6.30 p.m. following an announcement on Wednesday by the Education Ministry that they would be made to work two additional hours a week in a bid to cut down on the cost of hiring substitutes to make up for shortfalls.

The union representing schoolteachers, OLME, called the decision “yet another bomb in public education and the working conditions of educators.” It also warned that it may proceed with strike action during the crucial national university entrance exams, which begin on May 17.

“The responsibility for whatever happens next lies exclusively with the leadership of the Education Ministry,” OLME said in its statement.

The union of civil servants will also be holding a rally on Syntagma Square on Sunday evening as Parliament votes on a contentious multi-bill that foresees, among other provisions, the firing of thousands of state employees.