Kammenos threatens to sue New Democracy over off-shore accusations

Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos threatened on Monday to take legal action against New Democracy over allegations that he owns an off-shore firm.

The leader of the nationalist party accused the conservatives of “mud slinging” after ND lawmaker Adonis Georgiadis waved a document in Parliament on Sunday that he claimed showed Kammenos owned an off-shore firm.

Georgiadis waved the paper and shouted accusations as Kammenos spoke during the conclusion of the debate preceding a vote on the multi-bill approved by Parliament on Sunday.

The Independent Greeks leader objected to the interruptions and walked away from the podium without finishing his speech.

On Monday, Kammenos said that he has no connection to the off-shore firm. He said the document relates to a yacht owned by his father since 1993. He said the vessel has been fully declared to Greek authorities.

Georgiadis and Kammenos were involved in a spat last week after the New Democracy MP accused via Twitter the Independent Greeks leader of dying his hair.

Georgiadis withdrew the remark after Kammenos threatened legal action.