Opinion poll gives ND slim lead over SYRIZA, sees new parties emerging

A new opinion poll published on Monday gives New Democracy a narrow lead over SYRIZA.

The survey by Alco for the website puts the conservatives on 20.5 percent in terms of respondents’ voting intentions, compared to 19.9 percent for SYRIZA.

Far-right Golden Dawn is in third place on 9.3 percent, followed by PASOK on 5.5 percent, Independent Greeks with 5 percent, the Communist Party with 4.9 percent and junior coalition partner Democratic Left on 3.7 percent.

The poll is the first that shows ratings for the two recently created parties: Pact for a New Greece and Plan B.

New Greece, led by former labor and health minister Andreas Loverdos, gathers 2 percent support.

Plan B, headed by former SYRIZA leader Alekos Alavanos and firmly in favour of Greece leaving the euros, garners 1.4 percent.

Six in 10 respondents said that the coalition government is heading in the wrong direction, while 51 percent believe things would be worse under SYRIZA.