Athens mayor vows to prevent Golden Dawn handing out free food in Syntagma Square

Athens Mayor Giorgis Kaminis has vowed to prevent far-right Golden Dawn from handing out free food in Syntagma Square on Thursday.

The neofascists announced that they would be handing out food ahead of the Easter weekend, in a re-run of an event they held in front of Parliament last year, when goods were given only to those who could prove they were Greek.

The party said that Thursday’s event, when it will hand out traditional Easter products such as lamb and eggs, is to help “thousands of Greek families who are being blighted by the genocidal policies of the memorandum.”

Kaminis, however, said the party’s intentions were “provocative” and that he would attempt to stop the event taking place.

“We are making it absolutely clear that the City of Athens believes that tomorrow’s gathering is illegal and it will do what is needed so that it does not take place,” the mayor said in a statement.