Tenders for revamp of Faliro Delta area to be launched in September

A decision by the Development Ministry to abandon plans to build a marina on Athens’s southern coast has unblocked the planned tender for large-scale infrastructure works to take place in the Faliro Delta area before the launch of an ambitious cultural park on the bay funded by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the expiration of EU-backed funding worth 250 million euros.

Three projects need to get under way to make the end-2015 deadline: the construction of a drainage canal, the repositioning of a part of Poseidonos Avenue in order to open up the view to the sea and installing an irrigation pipeline from the Psitalia waste treatment facility; the construction of three underground car parks and three swimming pools, among others; and a revamp of the coastline to include a pier and a beach.

It is not clear whether the projects will be put to tender separately or together, though the process is expected to begin in September.