Numerous charges brought against escaped convict

An Athens prosecutor on Saturday brought numerous felony charges, including for attempted murder and illegal possession of a firearm, against Ermal Lita, a 35-year-old Albanian national who was part of a group of convicts who made a violent escape from Trikala Prison in central Greece last month.

The 35-year-old was arrested on Friday after robbing a supermarket in the northwestern Athenian suburb of Peristeri with an accomplice who is still at large.

Lita was wanted for escaping from Trikala Prison along with another 10 inmates in early April and for his suspected participation in a shootout with police in Corinth last month in which a motorist was killed. The 35-year-old and another three escaped convicts, also Albanian nationals, are further believed to be behind another shootout with police in Mandra, west of Athens.

According to reports, Lita attacked the officers chasing him on Friday by throwing hand grenades at them, which, however, failed to go off. An eye witness to his arrest told Skai TV that Lita was laughing as he was being taken into custody.