Number of Greek immigrants moving to Germany rose by 43% in 2012

The German government’s statistics office reports that Immigration to Germany from European Union countries struggling with the financial crisis went up significantly in 2012.

The Federal Statistics Office said Tuesday that the numbers of Spaniards moving to Germany grew by 45 percent compared to 2011. Immigration from Portugal and Greece rose by 43 percent and Italian immigration was up 40 percent. A total of 29,900 people from Spain came to Germany, 34,100 Greeks, 11,800 Portuguese and 42,200 Italians.

Germany also recorded significant increases in the numbers of people moving to the country from troubled eastern European countries such as Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Altogether, about 1.08 million people moved to Germany in 2012 — the highest number since 1995. The figure also includes Germans returning home.