New Democracy takes less than one percent lead in new opinion poll

Conservative New Democracy led by less than one percent over main opposition party SYRIZA in a new poll conducted by Marc/Alpha.

According to the poll’s figures released on Wednesday, New Democracy led the race by 21.6 percent, followed by SYRIZA at 20.7 percent. The poll showed extreme right Golden Dawn taking third place with 9.4 percent, ahead of Independent Greeks (5.6 percent), PASOK (4.8 percent), the Greek Communist Party (4.5 percent) and Democratic Left (4 percent).

The survey showed that 44.2 percent of those participating in the poll believed that New Democracy would win the next round of general elections, compared to 37.8 percent who felt it would be SYRIZA.

On the issue of who would be more suitable for the position of Prime Minister, respondents gave the lead to Antonis Samaras with 46.6 percent, while Alexis Tsipras was second with 29.4 percent.