Firebombed Marfin branch had no safety protocol, employees say

At the trial into the circumstances under which three people died in an arson attack against a bank in downtown Athens during a riot in May 2010, four witnesses told the court on Friday that there was no safety protocol.

Four employees of the Marfin-Egnatia branch firebombed during a violent anti-austerity protest said that the premises had come under attack from rioters several times before and that they had expressed fear of violence on that particular day as well.

“Our establishment was the only one that was open and ready for business,” one former employee said, noting that others in the area had closed early in anticipation of the rally.

“I had never seen an escape plan from the bank nor a manual,” another employee said.

The court also heard a letter addressed to headquarters from the assistant director at the branch, which requested that metallic shutters be placed on the windows, stressing frequent attacks.