Crisis increases domestic violence, dampens sex drive among Greek men

The repercussions of the country’s economic crisis appear to have had a negative impact on male sexuality with a 47 percent increase in “violent behavior” by men toward their sexual partners over the past year and a 34 percent drop in the frequency of sex, according to a new study.

Nearly one in two (44 percent) of the men who admitted to “behaving violently” toward their sexual partners were unemployed, according to the study carried out jointly by the Society for the Study of Male Sexuality and the Men’s Health Institute on a sample of 1,000 men. Of the men who admitted to behaving violently, 72 percent said the abuse was verbal, not physical.

The male respondents also reported having less sex with their partners – with an average reduction of 34 percent in sexual encounters – while 39 percent claimed that the austerity measures imposed in recent years have affected their sex life “to a great extent.”