Suspects questioned over kidnapping after botched drug deal

A 59-year-old Greek man and two Albanians, aged 32 and 33, are being questioned by police in connection with the abduction last December in the northwestern city of Ioannina of another Albanian national whom they are alleged to have tortured by cutting off three of his fingers after he botched a drug deal.

The abductors sent the severed digits to the victim’s wife, demanding 130,000 euros in cash last January but freed him in March after failing to secure a ransom payment.

According to police, the victim was kidnapped after a Roma man he had entrusted with transferring a 200 kilograms of cannabis from Greece to Germany pocketed his fee of 40,000 euros without completing his task.

Police are seeking another five suspected accomplices in the kidnapping – all Albanians aged between 19 and 39.