Some 34,000 Greeks moved to Germany in 2012

Some 34,000 Greeks relocated to Germany last year, an increase of 43 percent compared to 2011 when 23,800 Greeks moved there, according to German government statistics.

It is not only Greeks who are increasingly seeking a better life in prosperous Germany but an growing number of people from other debt-hit countries in southern Europe. Last year, 29,000 Spaniards, 42,000 Italians moved to Germany, according to German government statistics. The largest influx, however, was from central Europe, with 176,000 Poles, 116,000 Romanians and 59,000 Bulgarians relocating to various parts of Germany.

In total more than a million new immigrants arrived in Germany in 2012, the largest influx since 1995. The average age of the migrants is 32.