Supermarket owner caught making knockoff detergents

The 52-year-old owner of a supermarket chain in northern Greece was arrested on Wednesday after authorities discovered that he was producing and packaging knockoff household detergents and cosmetic products, which he likely sold at his stores.

Police raided two warehouses in Halkidiki used by the supermarket chain and found bottling equipment, 4,460 containers of detergent and 22,000 containers of cosmetic goods. Their market value was 62,000 euros. Officers also found equipment used to manufacture detergent as well as 13 tons of detergent.

A 45-year-old who owns a factory that legally produces household products was also arrested. Police said they believe that he was in charge of operating the production and bottling units at the warehouses. The supermarket chain is based in Veria and has about 170 outlets. Both businessmen have been charged with forgery and breaking competition laws.