State Department terror report notes ‘small-scale’ hits in Greece

The US State Department’s terrorism report for 2012 referred to a series of «small-scale attacks» by self-styled anarchist groups, noting that the hits «did not aim to inflict bodily harm but rather sought to make a political statement.”

“Greece continued to experience small-scale attacks like targeted arson and improvised explosive device detonation by domestic anarchist groups,» the report said, adding that «many members of the two most active domestic terrorist groups, Revolutionary Struggle and Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei, have been imprisoned since 2011.» The report referred to a «strong» cooperation between the Greek authorities

and the US on counter-terrorism.

The report also expressed concern about a relatively unchecked influx of undocumented immigrants into Greece due to political upheaval in North Africa and the Middle East. Greece’s «ability to control large-scale illegal migration via its land and sea borders with Turkey is limited,» the report said, referring to the «porous nature» of Greece’s border with Turkey.