Government considering incentives for civil servants to reveal graft

Greece is considering introducing financial and other incentives for people who uncover corruption in the private and, particularly, the public sector, Kathimerimini has learned.

The ministries of Justice, Finance and Administrative Reform have been examining the issue and, according to a recommendation drafted by experts that has been seen by Kathimerini, have been presented with a plan to encourage whistleblowing.

According to the proposal, the incentives for civil servants to blow the whistle on corrupt colleagues or practices could include promotions, bonuses and wage hikes. “There has to be scope for encouraging in the public and private sectors a culture of open and proper administration that encourages whistleblowing, which is in the interests of the public and the department in question,” the document says.

The report however says that rules will have to be introduced that offer protection for civil servants who uncover cases of graft so they do not become the victims of reprisals. “There has to be a system of protection for the person concerned from threats or acts of revenge,” the proposal says.

The government has struggled in its efforts to tackled corruption and, based on the report it received, has begun drawing up legislation that would encourage whistleblowing.