Ex ambassador sheds light in Lagarde list probe

A document submitted to the parliamentary committee probing the political handling of the so-called Lagarde list of wealthy Greek depositors by former Greek ambassador to France, Constantinos Halastinos, proves that there had been an exchange of letters between the French and Greek authorities relating to the savings of Greeks in Swiss banks before the list was sent to Athens, sources said on Wednesday.

Halastinos reportedly submitted the document on Wednesday during his second appearance before the panel which has been tasked with determining whether former Finance Minister Giorgos Papaconstantinou had tampered with the Lagarde list, removing the names of his relatives.

According to the document, the former general secretary of the Finance Ministry, Ilias Plaskovitis, had sent a request to the French authorities on September 13, 2010, seeking help with the matter of Greek deposits in Swiss bank accounts.

Halastanis reportedly told the committee that he was sent a copy of Plaskovitis’ letter after lodging his own request with the French Finance Ministry.