A muted protest rally ends in central Athens

A rally organized by Greece’s two biggest umbrella unions, GSEE and ADEDY, on Tuesday brought together several thousands people protesting the government’s plan to streamline the country’s bloated public sector in what was a rather muted turnout in a country that has become notorious for often violent reactions to austerity measures imposed by international creditors.

Protesters began leaving Syntagma Square just before 2 p.m.

GSEE and ADEDY are also staging a general strike that has affected public transport and air travel, as well as other public services, with the aim of convincing the government to withdraw its multi-bill of reforms, which is due to be voted on by MPs on Wednesday.

The legislation contains the provision for 15,000 civil servants to be sacked by the end of next year and 25,000 to be placed in a mobility scheme, which could lead to thousands losing their jobs, by the end of this year.